Bare bones labor statistics

The article from which the following figures come is really not too related. It's about the history of political alignments in the US, but I thought these basic stats were good to know.

"According to 2006 US Government data, ‘whites’ — 198 million of a total of just under 300 million — earned on average $52,000 a year, compared to a national median of $48,000, and had an unemployment rate of 4 per cent, compared to a national average of 4.6 per cent. ‘Hispanic-Latinos’, the largest ‘minority’ at 43 million, earned $38,000 on average, with an unemployment rate of 5.3 per cent. ‘Asians’, another fabricated quantity, numbered 14 million, earned an average $64,000, and had a 3 per cent unemployment rate. ‘Black’ Americans, many of whom may trace their us ancestry to the time of the Founding Fathers or before, constituted 40 million, earned an average $32,000, and suffered an unemployment rate of 9 per cent."