By soaking in the readings in philosophy, I've realized how hard it is to come up with a thought that is coherent and important. The effect is that, strangely, I now value conversation hardly at all anymore. I almost feel like it's just too fast for me to say anything good.

I used to speak normally, I guess, expressing my opinion occasionally and adding a lot of socially expected leading questions and responses. Today, though, I was talking with someone and she said something completely false, but I just raised my eyebrows and glanced at some nearby object. No, this wasn't an argument. It would be equivalent to her saying, "It is raining outside," when I just walked in from outside and it was clear-skies.

It just didn't matter. Speech can get out of hand easily, and I didn't want to be dragged into anything for longer than the time it would take either to get me to understand what I want to know or to get her to understand what I'm trying to say.